The living room is a place for relaxation and contemplation. This pale grey is a balanced, natural color that complements fresh white hues and blends easily, even with darker tones.


This pale grey, with a green undertone reminds us of unbleached grain in oat fields, ready to be harvested. It creates a serene atmosphere instantly and blends in with its surroundings effortlessly.


Embrace a darker kitchen with shades of the deeper end of our palette. The combination of OAT LIME PLASTER and MUD SATIN LAQUER creates a perfect balance.

Our selection of colors

Over the years, Studio Piet Boon has mastered a series of recognizable colors that form a cohesive and well-balanced color scheme and are the base for our extensive range of design products. These subdued colors have now been grouped in a range of paint and plaster products, usable in and around the home, creating an attractive and elegant atmosphere in any environment.


This milky white color contains subtle warm undertones because of the subtle, additional hint of grey. Soft neutrals create a soothing environment, perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


This bathroom is a space that feels restful and nurturing. The white hue, infused with hints of grey, reflects a cool sky and creates a calm, refreshing atmosphere.


This bedroom has a rich feel due to the combination of OAT LIME PLASTER with darker tones, creating a soothing environment for sleep. It is a great favorite for use in bedrooms