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Will you extend your color range?

We believe this subdued range of colors will provide a perfect base for any interior, leaving room for art and personal items to stand out. We do look into other refined colors, more about this next year.

How did you get to this selection of colors?

Over the years, Studio Piet Boon has mastered a series of recognizable colors that form a cohesive and well-balanced color scheme and are the base for our extensive range of design products. These subdued colors have now been grouped in a range of paint and plaster products, usable in and around the home.

How many finishes do you offer?

Piet Boon Paint & Plaster offers 6 different finishes, varying from wall paint, lacquer, lime paint and lime plaster plaster. They are all available in our range of 20 colors. Also, we offer different kinds of tools such as a selection of quality brushes, but also you will find a matching primer and sealer in our webshop.

How many colors do you offer?

Our range of perfect timeless colors contains 20 subdued colors, ranging from lighter to darker tones.

Is the product biodegradable?

Except for the outdoor lacquer the products are water based, we do strongly recommend to not empty unused paint into drains or watercourses. All specific product information can be found on the label on each product.

Is the product animal friendly/vegan?

The products of Piet Boon Paint & Plaster are vegan and animal friendly.

Where is the product produced?

Within the Benelux. Our lime products are produced in Belgium and our other finishes in The Netherlands.

Who produces the product?

For the Piet Boon Paint & Plaster collection our team worked closely together with specialized companies who meet our requirements in terms of craftmanship, eye for detail and excellent quality. The wall paint, lacquer and primer products are produced in The Netherlands, while the lime paint, lime plaster and sealer are made in Belgium.

Why a Piet Boon Paint & Plaster collection?

In our studio, we have experienced that it is incredibly challenging to find the exact same colors in different finishes, such as lacquer and plaster, and be able to apply and match them in our projects. But also mixing our desired colors with each other was a challenge every time. We are extremely happy and excited that now, after more than 2 years of development, we can offer everyone a series of paint and plaster products that offer a solution to this. A complete collection that harmonizes on every level.

What is the difference between lime paint, lime plaster and normal paint?

Normal paint always sits on top of a surface. A chemical reaction makes the carrier, usually water, evaporate forming a film that protects the surface. Lime paint doesn’t make a film. It uses the CO2 in the air to dry and cure and this way it becomes a solid part of the surface. This is one of the reasons why lime paint and plaster have such a charming distinctive look and feel. This process is called carbonatation and makes lime paint and plaster CO2 neutral.

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