Earth Tester 100 ML

This earthy, calming color creates elegance and warmth through the use of brick undertones. A comfortable and graceful shade that is perfect for making a statement and that pairs well with pretty much everything. Its tendency to advance in space is minimal, and it unfolds its warmth even in the shade. 


Application: Inside

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The Piet Boon Paint & Plaster sample jar contains a sample with the finish of your choice. You can order your sample in all 20 Piet Boon colors. Curious about the different colors? Order the Piet Boon Paint & Plaster color chart in our webshop. For a smooth and long-lasting finish, we recommend using our primers and sealers. Tailored to different surfaces, the primer and sealer are available in our webshop.

With a Piet Boon Paint & Plaster sample jar, you are sure to choose the right color of wall paint. This small 100 ml paint can contains a sample of the color and finish of your choice. With this sample you paint about 1 to 1.5 m2 in the room or space you prefer. Test your samples on the wall of your choice and let it dry for at one to two hours. Judge the color from bright morning light to golden afternoon light and to lamp-lit darkness, to make sure the color matches your room and other existing elements like upholstery fabrics, artwork, lampshades, and curtains. For outdoor, look for the matching colors in the roof, brick, stone and other finishes, even for materials used partly for the indoors like floors.




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