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Studio Piet Boon presents Piet Boon Paint & Plaster: a range of paint and plaster products, carefully created and matched to perfection. Based on our knowledge of interior and design, we have put together a collection in which colors and finishes blend harmoniously and reinforce each other, offering the user ultimate ease.

Over the years, Studio Piet Boon has mastered a series of 20 colors that form a balanced color scheme. These subdued colors have now been brought together in a series of 6 different paint and plaster products, applicable in and around the house. They complement each other, connect, harmonize and create an elegant ambiance in any room. Let us inspire you with our perfect range of timeless colors.


Our indoor collections consist out of elegant fabrics combined effortlessly with robust materials, demonstrating a love for quality and design in every piece. Our paint and plaster products blend in perfectly and are an addition to any home. 

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The kitchen is not only the most functional space, but also an extension of the living area in your home. Any color of the Piet Boon Paint & Plaster range has the potential to change the ambiance in an instant.

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The dining room is one of our favorite spaces. It is a place where family and friends gather. A place where memories are made. Give your dining room that extra touch with one or more colors from our collection.

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The way we live in the bedroom space is becoming wider (reading a book, drink coffee or a glass of wine). Soothing, light colors from our collection and the right light give the bedroom a serene look.

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The bathroom is the ultimate place of relaxation. A sanctuary designed with a comfortable and harmonious interior for you to kick back and unwind. Colors and textures are a fascinating element in any design category.

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Although outdoor spaces demand durable and long-lasting materials in the outdoor collection, we take special care to infuse our collections with the same rich mixture of textures and nuanced colors as the indoor collection. Our Piet Boon Paint & Plaster outdoor products are made to last a lifetime.

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The signature Piet Boon color palette is available in a range of 20 subdued colors that are designed to effortlessly complement and blend into each other. The combination of minimalistic design, perfectly balanced proportions, and the signature Piet Boon color selection with harmonized combination options, translate our philosophy to a functional product like our refined paint collection.


The Paint & Plaster collection consists of 6 different finishes and 20 subdued colors, alle created to complement each other, showcasing the perfect reflection of our attention to detail, timelessness and elegant design. Our products and tools are created to offer the use a peace of mind. The products are suitable for use on interior and exterior walls and woodwork, creating an appealing atmosphere in every environment.


We offer a range of 20 colors and 6 finishes. Take a look at all of our products, you can easily find what you’re looking by using the filters.